Music in church

Church organ pipes

We enjoy a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary music in our worship at St John’s. The church has a beautiful extended chancel and fabulous acoustics which makes our makes the music in our services sound even better, The building is also perfect for music events and concerts. 

  • Our services include a balanced mix of well-known, traditional hymns accompanied by the church organ and choir as well as more modern worship songs played by the music group. We occasionally include an action song or lyric video chosen by the young people in our congregation.
  • At evensong, traditional hymns are played on the organ and singing is led by our four-part choir.
  • During the Easter and Christmas seasons we often include special choral services like The Cross of Christ and a candlelit Christmas Carol Service.
  • Our young families at ABC Church enjoy playing musical instruments and joining in with lively action songs.

Church organ

Join our choir or music group

We love to welcome new members to the choir and music group, no matter what their level of ability of experience. We are always able to make a joyful sound together! Although our choir cannot currently rehearse and sing at services we are looking forward to when we can once again enjoy their singing.

  • The choir would usually rehearse every Thursday evening between 7:00pm and 8:00pm ready for the following Sunday.
  • The music group and singers rehearse in church on the second Sunday of every month between 4:00pm and 5:00pm and then play at the following Sunday’s service and any of the other Sunday services they are available the following month.


To find out more about the choir or music group contact our organist Eileen, or call her on 07722 894466. 

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