Letter to the Parish - Friday 28 May 2021

First published on: 28th May 2021

Dear all,

As you may be able to imagine our house can often be noisy, especially at meal times. There is always somebody talking and often there are several people talking at once and it can be difficult to hear what is being said especially when you are not used to it. We have tried hard to implement rules to help so that people do not talk over one another and that we listen to what each other is saying.

This can often be the case with our relationship with God. We have so much going on that it is difficult to hear what He is saying to us. To help us to hear God we may need to make some new rules. For some it may be finding some quiet to be with God, for others it may be studying the bible more, for some it's out walking in the beauty of creation, for some it's singing hymns; whatever it is for us, let us try to increase the amount of time that we spend listening to God.

When we listen to God, we also need to be prepared to respond to Him; in this week’s reading, the prophet Isaiah hears God speak and then responds.

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, whom shall I send and who will go for us? And I said, here am I; send me.”  Isaiah 6:8

What is the Lord saying to each of us and what is He asking us to do?

Are we prepared to answer in the same way; here I am, send me?

My prayer this week is that we will be people who listen to the voice of God and then respond. I firmly believe that if we become better and better at this then we will become a group of people who will bring the light of Christ and the Hope of the Gospel to our community.

God Bless,

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