Friday Coffee with Prayers - Dial in by phone

Date: 23rd July 2021

Time: 11:00am

A weekly get together, by phone, where we can share a cup of coffee and chat which will start with some short prayers.

Dialling in by phone

  • Call 0330 088 5830 (local call rates)
  • When prompted, using your handset, tap in the meeting ID number: 96872099226
  • Press the hash symbol button on your phone - # - it’s the one which looks like a noughts and crosses board.
  • You will be able to listen using your phone and on Friday you will also be able to speak to the other people who are joining you for coffee.

Join the video call using your computer, tablet or phone

If you have internet access on your computer, tablet or a phone you can dial into a video call which means you will be able to see us and hear us. We are using something called Zoom to do this. It’s a computer program which allows lots of people to all share one video call at the same time.

  • Turn on your device in the usual way and open up the software you use to access the internet. (Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.)
  • When it opens you should see your cursor flashing at the top of the screen. Type into that box: and press return on your keyboard.
  • You may get several messages popping up on your screen asking you to confirm whether you wish to join the meeting and whether you are happy to use your computer video and audio. It is fine to click OK on all of them.
  • Remember that as well as you seeing us, we will be able to see you too!

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