Baptism (Christening) & Thanksgiving

at St John’s Church, Farsley

We welcome all who would like to be baptised or to have their children baptised at St John’s Church. (Baptism & Christening are different words for the same thing!). It is usual for baptism to happen at your local church but if you don’t live in the parish it can happen at St John’s if there are special reasons.

We also offer a service of Thanksgiving for the birth/adoption of a Child. This can be in addition to baptism or instead of baptism.

To help you choose what is best for your child:

Thanksgiving is just that - saying thank you to God for safe arrival (after birth or adoption). It can be adapted to suit you and your family’s situation. It can be any day or time or in any place (it could be at home if you want). It isn’t baptism, but baptism can follow at a later date if that is appropriate. You can choose ‘Supporting Friends’ if you like, who act a bit like Godparents.

Baptism involves parents and godparents making promises to bring a child up to follow Jesus, to set an example by living as a Christian & coming to church regularly. It usually happens at the 10.30am All Age service on the 4th Sunday of each month, or at 12.15pm on the other Sundays (but not the 4th Sunday). If you choose 12.15pm we ask you to come to a 10.30am service soon after the baptism so your child can be welcomed by the Church family. 

This pdf document gives more details: Baptism & Thanksgiving

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